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This is one the series I admit to being totally addicted to. Having read, in order, "Crazy in Paradise", "Deception in Paradise" and "Trouble in Paradise" which are all 5✯ reads, I'm excited to announce the latest title MURDER IN PARADISE which is being released April 29th, 2014.

If you are looking for a fun series to read at the beach, relaxing on the patio, or even a gift for Mother's Day, this is the series to reach for. It's funny, witty, filled with adventure and wacky characters.

Paperback Edition 2014, Hardcover Edition 2013


Be prepared to be wowed by the depth of writing from first time author Kristopher Jansma. He shows moments of brilliance as he develops plots within plots and seamlessly switches between past, present, and everywhere in between. You can’t help but think Jansma had great fun writing the book and it plays out on the pages.

Spoken in first person narrative, Jansma plays with the mind of his readers as he never actually reveals the true identity of the narrator. Personally I found it intriguing.

Newly released in paperback format, Jojo Moyes' THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER is the perfect read for Valentine's Day. What better way to celebrate the day is there than winning your own copy? Viking/Penguin group is making that happen by generously providing one copy for me to give one of my lucky readers.

Please note this giveaway is open to US residents only.

A Brief Encounter for our time, The Last Letter from Your Lover is a sophisticated,spellbinding double love story that spans decades and thrillingly evokes a bygone era. In 1960,Jennifer Stirling wakes in the hospital a

If you are like me, you've been waiting, maybe not so patiently, for the last book of Deborah Harkness's ALL SOULS TRILOGY. Guess what, it's coming on July 15, 2014!

Viking div of Penguin Group has given all us fans an opportunity for a sneak peek not only of the amazing cover, but an excerpt of the book. Yep, you heard me, an excerpt. And without further ado, here it is.

THE BOOK OF LIFE ~ Deborah Harkness

Ghosts didn’t have much substance; they were composed only of memories and heart. Atop one of Sept-Tours’ round towers, Emily Mather pressed a diaphanous hand against the spot i


This well written murder mystery set in 1946 post war London is a read I highly recommend. Fast paced and gripping, the book instantly captures the reader's interest, keeping it until the last page. The book stands on its own merit but as we, the readers learn the author passed away before the book was completed gives an air of sadness to the pages.

In the opening of the book the reader meets Lillian Frobisher, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage after her husband returns from the war. While he was gone Lil lived life with abandon; a freedom she hadn’t experienced in a lo

With the help of World Literary Café I was introduced to Gregory Allen and his writing. With numerous achievements in his personal life and career, Gregory decided to add author to his CV, and I for one am glad he did, as his writing is superb. With three novels ‘Patchwork of Me’, ‘Well With My Soul’, and ‘Proud Pants: An Unconventional Memoir’ and one children’s book, ‘Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism’ I find myself anticipating his next novel.

Gregory has been in the entertainment industry in one way or another for over 20 years as an actor, director

Kergan Edwards-Stout is an award-winning director and author, whose work has appeared in a number of publications, including the Huffington Post, Bilerico Project, LGBTQ Nation, American Short Fiction and the health magazine SexVibe. He has been honored by the Human Rights Campaign as a “2011 Father of the Year.”

His first novel ‘Songs for the New Depression’ was inspired by his years of working at AIDS Project Los Angeles, as well as the loss of a partner to the disease. The novel won the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the LGBT category, and was short-listed in the same fo

“The Devil is jealous of ME!”

Have you ever met one of those people who intrigue you to the point you want to learn anything you can about them? For me, author Richard Long is one of those people. An unapologetic libertarian Richard tells it like it is. He is quite open about the road to becoming an author and his thoughts on life. He uses his voracious appetite for the sciences as a jumping off point for the first book of his psychological thriller series, The Book of Paul.

Richard is also a devoted family man who is fiercely protective of his children, his lovely wife, and grudg

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Robbie Thomas is what can only be described as a renaissance man with his feet in several projects at one time. Presently in development for a prospective television series called Psychic Profiler he and his producer Michael Lamport, Lamport-Sheppard Entertainment, hope to be picked up by a network. Making a name for his self in 2003 when he released his first book Robbie garnered his own radio show w


“An American Spy” is the eighth novel written by Olen Steinhauser and another installment in the Milo Weaver saga. You might know Steinhauser for The Tourist; made into a blockbuster movie. Based on the previous bestsellers I jumped at the opportunity to review the book. I really wanted to be blown away but sadly, for me, the book fell short.

Carrying over from The Nearest Exit, the CIA is reeling from Xin Zhu’s systematic destruction of the Department of Tourism. Former department director Alan Drummond hell bent on revenge for the killings set


With 10 bestselling novels under her belt JoJo Moyes has firmly established he presence in the Romantic Fiction genre and her newest THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND has cemented that position. It is abundantly clear that Moyes has done her homework on the effect the First World War had on France not only to its people but also the theft of family heirlooms including many exceptional works of art and the arduous task faced to reclaim those pieces.

The plot is well laid out with the early introduction to Sophie Lefevre and her family. Sophie and her sister are struggling to keep the fam


**May Contain Spoilers**

“The Troop” is as scary as it gets. Nick Cutter (pseudonym) certainly knows how to make a reader's skin crawl. No pun intended. If you read the book you'll definitely know what I mean. The creepy factor increases tenfold when you add kids to the mix, something that a lot of authors are afraid to do.
Let’s get one thing out of the way, this book is gory. Not the crazed killer hack-‘em-up kind of gory. Nope, it’s the kind of thing that craws up your spine, gets into your head and messes with your mind. And the terror aspect is something that qui
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